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Queen Elizabeth and James Bond

James Bond and Queen Elizabeth check out the postcard rack before jumping out of a helicopter. Illustration commissioned at the time of the London Olympics.    From the archive I unearth this commission, for marketing specialists Big Smoke Media. Commissioned in 2013, it was printed on postcards and available on display racks in bars, restaurants and other establishments across SE England to commemorate the London Olympics. The opening ceremony of course featured Bond and the Queen parachuting out of a helicopter. (And no one knew what to think, or what was real, but it was insanely good entertainment.) Illustrated on Bristol board with fineliner pens and coloured digitally in Photoshop. It was a challenge to capture the likenesses, particularly of Liz, and I am still pleased with the insertion of a corgi. For more information about Big Smoke and the amazing service they provide go to

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