Comic artist

Clients include Holocaust Centre of New Zealand, Travelex, Markosia Enterprises, 2000 AD, Plan, Engine Service Design, EP Editions (France), Nexus Productions, Parklife architects and Unit 9. Please scroll down, and also visit the page about my graphic novel The Mice.

Now available 
to buy from Markosia is my graphic novel London Inferno. Originally published in France in 2003, the English-language edition was translated by myself. For digital formats click here. In the 00's I drew the crime graphic novels Mongo Le Magnifique and London Inferno, published by EP Editions, written by writer LF BollĂ©e.

For up-to-date information regarding my comics and graphic novels, please go to my main website, here, and my Facebook page @themicecomic

Page for Holocaust Centre of New Zealand 'Finding Hope' exhibition.

Cover art for London Inferno. Crime graphic novel available to buy from Markosia

Cover art for The Mice graphic novel. For more information go here