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I'm a DBS-checked art teacher with a wide range of experience teaching different age groups how to draw cartoons and comic strips. I currently work at AUT, teaching drawing on the animation course.

I've worked at SAE Institute London (3D Animation and Film courses) and the University of Teesside (Concept Art MA). Subjects included life drawing, cartooning, storyboarding and character design. Workshop participants, at all levels of ability, move quickly into practical work and produce a large amount of art. Pens are preferred to pencils to boost productivity and to shift the focus away from the 'finished piece'.
Using practical demonstrations, slides of artwork and one-to-one guidance—as well as drawing on my professional experience of working to tough deadlines on a variety of concepts—I demonstrate all drawings have value and that everyone can draw.

Auckland University of Technology
March 2022 — current
Lecturing part-time on the animation course.

Whitecliffe College, Auckland
March 2020 — November 2021
Certificate in Digital Media and Design. The course focuses on drawing from the imagination—cartooning—and enables participants to visualise their ideas quickly and clearly. Some topics covered include storyboarding, character design, observational drawing and comic art.

Waiheke Island Adult Learning Centre
2018 – 2020
Illustration, storyboarding and life drawing workshops.

Digital Arts Network, Auckland
September 2018
Cartooning workshop producing quick thumbnail sketches. Helpful in pitches and ideation sessions.

Long Sutton County Primary School, Lincolnshire. September 2016 – 
At my old primary school I am proud to be the Patron of Creativity, and regularly teach the pupils drawing skills. They draw lots of comics and characters, often their own but also aligned with whichever topic they are working on at the time, and have lots of fun being freely creative. I am indebted to headteacher Bill Lord.

SAE Institute London. September 2008 – 2017
I worked on the 3D Animation, Game art, VFX and Film courses, teaching cartooning, creative drawing skills, storyboarding, character design and story-telling. Modules that I have designed and taught include Fundamentals of Drawing, Illustration, Character Design, Storyboarding and Life Drawing.


“Roger is an asset to Whitecliffe and we are fortunate to have such a professional on our team.” — Lynnemaree Patterson, Whitecliffe.

“The workshops were expertly facilitated and my team and I really enjoyed the experience. The drawing skills have helped us with our creative process, and Roger’s teaching skills and professionalism are excellent.” 
— Malin Andersson, creative UX designer, Samsung Design Europe.

“I learned more about drawing in this class than I did in two years at art school.” 
— Eddison Smith, film student at SAE Institute London.

“Roger’s relationships with pupils are good. He is a friendly, firm and positive adult who relates well to a wide range of children. His teaching is purposeful and he brings a high level of skill and subject knowledge to activities… It has been a pleasure to work with him and I have no hesitation in supporting any work he may seek in a primary school” — A C Howe, Head Teacher of Whitmore Primary School, Hackney

“Your relaxed professionalism was a breath of fresh air” — Herb Wiersma, senior lecturer at the University of Teesside

“I finally learned to draw! Now I have motivation to practice” — 3D Animation diploma student at SAE Institute London

Leading a storyboard workshop at the Watersprite Film Festival, Cambridge, UK, in 2015.


Teaching creatives at Samsung Design Europe; Engine Service Design. 2012
In-house specialist art classes for the designers working at the above agencies, intended to boost their overall drawing skills and their confidence when drawing for clients. CLICK HERE

University of Teesside, visiting lecturer. March 2007 – current
I teach drawing techniques, storyboarding and comic art on the creative drawing course in the School of Computing. A reference from Herb Wiersma, senior lecturer, is available.
External member of the University of Teesside approval panel for MA Concept Art
November 2009, invited in my capacity as a practitioner; the MA was approved and is running.

City Lit, London. December 2011
Comic book drawing workshops for adults. How to draw graphic novels was the essential topic and participants brought their ideas and characters to the sessions.

21cc (part of the BBC), visiting lecturer. October 2007 – current
One-day practical workshops for visiting primary and secondary schools on storyboarding, cartooning and comic art.

Primary Schools, October 2006 – current

A selection of students' artwork from SAE London and Whitecliffe College:

Anaru Naden

Xavier Booth

Tineesha Ventner

Alexandra Petrova